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: Audible Alarm GFCI's - They can save your bacon!

Audible Alarm GFCI's - They can save your bacon!

GFCI outlet with trip alarmWe see freezers in garages plugged into GFCI outlets all the time; as well as communications equipment, sump pumps etc. If the GFCI were to pop you might flood your home, lose your phone service or ruin your frozen food. An alarm is a GREAT idea.

What is a GFCI?
It is a device that disconnects the power when it detects the electric current is not balanced. If the outlet sends out 1,000,000 electrons, 1,000,000 electrons are supposed to return or else some are 'leaking' out where the should not be. Often this is an electrical appliance that unintentionally comes in contact with water or connected to an old freezer.  Modern appliances are designed not to cause false trips of a GFCI.

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