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: My sink drips and I want to fix it, where do I shut off the water?

My sink drips and I want to fix it, where do I shut off the water?

Toady's Home Inspectors tip:

Buy a water shutoff tool before you need it!
If you have a dripping sink or other plumbing problem and you want to repair it, how do you turn off the water?  I worked in construction for years and learned a few things the hard way!  When working on a homes plumbing, always shut off at the meter outside (you will need a tool) instead of under a sink, toilet or the water main in the home.  This valve is usually in the sidewalk or parking strip in front of your home, under a steel and or concrete cover.
Since shutoff valves are rarely used the packing and washers fail a lot.  If your shutoff valve under your sink leaks in the house you are calling a plumber. When the shutoff valve leaks at the meter, it leaks in the road and you call the city. They fix those right away because they are loosing un-metered water.



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