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: Control Nuisance Ants - Bait them with Boric Acid

Control Nuisance Ants - Bait them with Boric Acid

Spring had sprung and the ants are out again. Here is a solution for nuisance ants in your home. Boric acid is recommended to control odourous house ants, one of the most common pests in our area. Read more about these here:

This is a LOW COST method to get rid of ANTS once and for all.Home made ant bair station - great for odourous house ants
~One Cup Sugar
~THREE Tablespoons Boric Acid or Borax Laundry Soap
~THREE Cups of Warm Water

Mix the Sugar and Boric Acid together and slowly add the warm water, stirring all the time so the mixture will not get lumpy. Store is in a sealed jar and whenever you see ants simply take a used soda bottle or milk jug lid. Put a cotton ball in the lid and saturate the cotton ball with your sugar and boric acid mixture. It will not take much, just enough to fill the lid, if you spill any over the edge leave it, this will only attract the ants even more.

When you see the ants drinking the mixture, DO NOT kill them, let them drink and take the mixture back to the colony. This should kill the entire colony. In a day or two the entire colony should be gone. If you have small children or pets make certain they cannot get to this mixture since Boric Acid is hazardous.

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This worked for me this year. Though the little guys always pop up in a new spot. 

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